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Italian Weddings

Italian Weddings: how to plan a memorable experience Italy it's one of the most favourite wedding destinations from couples all over the world. There might be several reasons for this, but what we certainly know is that we take celebrations very seriously! In fact, Italian weddings are remembered to be fun, colourful and sparkling events but also very stylish and details focused. At Italian wedding affair, we firmly believe that the details are the key to a well planned Italian Wedding.  We always work by our couples' sides and plan their...

elope in Italy


Planning a romantic trip? Elope in Italy! Many couples choose to elope in Italy during a romantic trip. Indeed Italy can offer a unique experience to celebrate a very intimate wedding or a special vows renewal. It's not hard to imagine you and your soul mate a cliff picked a venue in a pastel-coloured village in the Amalfi Coast, or an elegant garden overlooking the Italian lakes, or a Gongola in Venice. No need to mention a candlelight dinner with the great local food! During the years I met many couples...