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Destination wedding italy

Destination Wedding Italy

Why celebrating your Destination Wedding in Italy?

There might be several reasons why you can imagine Italy as the best destination for your wedding.  For some couples, Italy is in their family backgrounds. For other couples a destination wedding in Italy represents a mixture of beautiful landscapes, romance, history, culture and great food.  Whatever is the reason, Italy can offer thousand of suitable solutions for the wedding you have always dreamt about.

The first thing to do, as soon as you make the decision of getting married in Italy, is to define the areas you like most. Are you picturing a lake side wedding? Or something in country side? But what about that cliff-peak village in the south of Italy overlooking the sea?

Well, it might be hard to make your mind. Italian wedding affair boast a wide selection of wedding venue all over Italy. We will be happy to provide you additional information on the most suitable area for your wedding, considering your budget and your idea for the big day.

Destination Wedding in Italy: Lake Como

One of the most renowned location for a destination wedding in Italy is Lake Como. For those couples dreaming about a classy and luxury wedding , this area is like heaven on earth. Lake Como teem with stunning palatial villas and beautiful overlooks adorned with greenery, rose-laden and hanging gardens. Many celebrities had their wedding in Lake Como. For example, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski got married at the 5 starts Villa d’Este, John Legend and Christine Teigen tight the knot in Villa Pizzo, or the indian actress and model Deepika Padukone and her husband Ranveer Singh who choose Villa del Balbianello in 2018The additional charm of a wedding in Lake Come is given by the fact that guests and the newlyweds can reach the venues by boat.

In addition to all the famous luxury villas and hotels that this area offers, Lake Como can also provide more budget conscious options. As a result, it is possible to combine more locations for the event and find the best compromise for a dream wedding with a reasonable budget for this area.

Destination wedding italy

destination wedding italy (Villa Erba – inside hall)                                                                                                                                                         (Villa Del Balbianello – view from the Lake)

Destination wedding in Italy: Venice

Northen Italy has another popular destination for weddings : Venice. This unique and iconic city is one of the most romantic Europe destination for couples. In fact, if it is not the place for their wedding, for sure they will plan a tour there before or after the big day. For a gorgeous destination wedding in Venice you can opt for stunning terraces overlooking the Grand Canal, but also for ancient venetian palaces with beautiful internal halls for a romantic reception. The choice will depend on what you like most and of course on the season of the wedding.

Destination wedding in the Italian Riviera

Another well known destination is the Italian Riviera, and especially Portofino in Liguria. This area is the perfect match between a classy and a rustic wedding. The landscape is mainly covered with olive trees ( olive oil here is the “green gold” ) and hilly villages that surmount the Mediterranean sea. If you are looking for a glamorous wedding and you are dreaming about La Dolce Vita, then Portofino it’s the perfect wedding destination for you!

Destination wedding italy

( Photo credit: Belmond Hotel Splendido)

Destination wedding in Italy : Tuscany and Umbria

On the top of the list of the most required destination we have Tuscany.  First of all, Tuscany has a very central position within the Peninsula and this make it pretty easy to be reachable  from abroad.

This region can offer many romantic locations for memorable weddings: farmhouses, Medici Villas, Castles etc..  Additionally, this is the heart of the Renaissance, wine and slow food. Here you can enjoy art, great wine and olive oil and the freshest products.

Another interesting region to explore for a destination wedding in Italy is Umbria. This area of Italy  is home of beautiful medieval castles and gothic cathedrals nested in the a stunning green countryside. Additionally, if you are looking for something far from the mass tourist flows, Umbria is the perfect destination for your Italian wedding.

To find out the best time of the year for a destination wedding in central Italy, you need to consider the overall experience you want to create. Starting from this idea in mind, you should be able to narrow down the best options. For example, if you a must have for your wedding experience is a magical alfresco dinner under a starry sky, then late October or April are not the first choice month to consider. You could rather think about the period form mid May to the beginning of September. However, be careful: August is one of the most warm month during Italian summer time. For this reason, I suggest you to consider this month only if you are used to hot sunny days.

Destination wedding italy

( Photo credit: Matteo Castelli )

destination wedding italy

( Photo credit: Anthony Argentieri )

Destination wedding in Italy : the Amalfi coast

And what about the south of Italy? How can you not fall in love with the Amalfi Coast?  Positano, Amalfi and Ravello are just the most famous spots for the perfect wedding on the Amalfi coast.

Many couples choose to get married in the Amalfi. Indeed, this area can offer a unique experience to celebrate intimate wedding or larger gatherings. It’s not hard to imagine you and your soul mate, a cliff picked venue on pastel – colored village in the Amalfi Coast.

destination wedding italy destination wedding italy


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