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wedding planner tuscany

Wedding planner Tuscany

Are you looking for a Wedding planner in Tuscany?

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Tuscany, Italian Wedding Affair it’s here for you.  I’m Elisa owner of Italian Wedding Affair and wedding planner in Italy. I love traveling and plan wedding from north to south. Despite this, I must say, that I particularly love when I can work as wedding planner in Tuscany. I love this regions, its panoramas , the locations and all the activities that it offers for a memorable experience. In fact, In Tuscany you can find the most icon Italian countryside with breathtaking views, memorable sunsets, and part of the best production of red wines.

As your wedding planner, I will be by your side every step of the way and plan your wedding in respecting your personalities, backgrounds and ur dreams. Whatever you may need to make your day the best one in your life, I’ll be able to provide it!

Wedding planner & designer in Tuscany

Firstly, I will take care to scout for you the perfect wedding venue. Then, we will study together the timeline of your stay and step by step we’ll build up the event. Certainly, you will enjoy every step of the way unti the wedding day. Personally, I particularly enjoy taking care of the design of the wedding. This part of the planning always stimulate my creativity and it’s great to see how mine and the couple ideas match together until we come out with a guide line styling project of the wedding.

To be honest, in all the styling boards that I create for events, I love to include some elements recalling the destination of the wedding.  Especially for Tuscany, I like to incorporate here and there olive brunches or typical wine storage bottles.

Here below a selection of great Tuscany weddings we proudly planned and styled:

wedding planner tuscany wedding planner tuscany  wedding planner tuscany wedding planner tuscany




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