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Italian Weddings

Italian Weddings: how to plan a memorable experience

Italy it’s one of the most favourite wedding destinations from couples all over the world. There might be several reasons for this, but what we certainly know is that we take celebrations very seriously! In fact, Italian weddings are remembered to be fun, colourful and sparkling events but also very stylish and details focused.

At Italian wedding affair, we firmly believe that the details are the key to a well planned Italian Wedding.  We always work by our couples’ sides and plan their Italian wedding respecting their personalities, backgrounds and dreams. As a result, each wedding we advise on it’s unique and a memory that both couples and guests will treasure forever.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the elements that you should definitely include in your Italian wedding.

1. Italian Wedding Venue

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the north of Italy, the center or the south. Italy it’s the only place where you can enjoy and authentic Italian wedding experience. Italy can offer several scenarios : the Italian lakes with its luxury hotels and gardens, Tuscany and it’s green cypress and rolling hills and the Amalfi coast with its colors and the breathtaking views over the mediterranean sea.

According to your ideas and budget, at Italian wedding affair, we can propose you several alternatives from our venue portfolio. We have the perfect for you!

italian weddings italian weddings

italian weddings

2. It’s all about you and a touch of Italian style

Each wedding we advise on are unique and completely tailored on the couple. However we always like to include in our wedding styling projects an Italian touch. Indeed, Italy it’s full of representative elements that it’s possibile to use to emphasize the an authentic italian wedding : lemons, herbs, olive brunches, wine bottles etc..

italian weddings  italian weddings  italian weddings

Looking for some inspirations? Check out our Italian Wedding Pinterest board.

3. Italian wedding, Italian gift

In addition to a well styled event, we are great supporters of local products. For this reason we are always very happy too suggest to our couples to add an Italian craft to their wedding. It will be a unique gifts for their guests!

italian weddings  italian weddings

Looking for the most typical Italian wedding gift tradition?  Well then, don’t forget “confetti” : and we are talking about something to eat! Yes, in Italian with confetti we generally refers to a typical  sugar candid almond that we offer as gift to our guests.

italian weddings

4. Italian Food

A very important features of Italian weddings is the delicious culinary experience. From north to south, the italian kitchen it’s an assurance for the most tasty wedding dinner you could have ever offered to your guests.

   italian weddings  italian weddings

5. Entertainment: have some fun

Madolin it’s the most iconic music instrument for Italy, and we think that folk music is super romantic! If you want to add that extra special Italian touch to your wedding, we will be happy to arrange for you the most romantic mandolin and guitar serenade. Are you in love with Opera? We have great contacts with the best tenors in Italy that will be able to perform during your wedding ceremony or reception.  Otherwise, if you are more a pop/rock/ disco oriented couple, we’ll have the perfect band or Dj to party all night long!

italian weddings  italian weddings 


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