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amalfi coast wedding planner

Amalfi Coast Wedding Planner

A wonderful Amalfi Coast wedding planner experience

As an Italian wedding planner, I work almost throughout all Italy: from north to south. However I must tell you that, I particularly love to work as Amalfi Coast wedding planner. Each time I feel so inspired by the colors, the smell and the stunning views of the sea.

Among all the weddings I planned in the Amalfi coast, I treasure the memory of C&R wedding in Sorrento.

I met C&R, a lovely American couple, few years ago and we start the wedding planner process with one year of advance. They were looking for an authentic Amalfi coast wedding experience, with stunning views, great food and a bunch of their closest family and friends. They obviously but the family and the friends, we help them to create all the rest.

The wedding venue

As their Amalfi coast wedding planner, I firstly assist C&R with the venue scouting process. I come back to them with several options, and they immediately fell in love with Villa Antiche Mura, a beautiful property in Sorrento area, with a unique terrace overlooking the bay of Sorrento.

amalfi coast wedding planner  amalfi coast wedding planner  amalfi coast wedding planner

(photo credits:  Simone Sechi

The venue has not accommodation on site, so we made a double scouting and we find also thee perfect hotel to accommodate all the guests attending their beautiful Amalfi coast wedding.

The Styling project : Amalfi coast colors

Once the choice of the venue was made, we studied the perfect styling project. C&R, were a very lovely couple and they were dreaming about an authentic Amalfi coast wedding. For this reason, as their amalfi coast wedding planner, I wanted to include in the color palette the key colors of the Amalfi coast: the yellow of the lemons, the blue of the seas and a touch of blush to recall the stunning Lazaro bridal gown.

amalfi coast wedding planner  amalfi coast wedding planner  Amalfi coast wedding planner  amalfi coast wedding planner

(photo credits:  Simone Sechi

A romantic after dinner with the best Sorrento view

After the ceremony and reception C&R, enjoyed a stunning wedding cake cut in the panoramic terrace. The Bride changed her wedding gown with a stunning floral dress : perfect for the most romantic wedding cake cut.


(photo credits:  Simone Sechi

I really enjoyed being the Amalfi coast wedding planner for C&R and I wish them a colorful life together!



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