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elope in Italy


Planning a romantic trip? Elope in Italy!

Many couples choose to elope in Italy during a romantic trip. Indeed Italy can offer a unique experience to celebrate a very intimate wedding or a special vows renewal. It’s not hard to imagine you and your soul mate a cliff picked a venue in a pastel-coloured village in the Amalfi Coast, or an elegant garden overlooking the Italian lakes, or a Gongola in Venice. No need to mention a candlelight dinner with the great local food!

During the years I met many couples dreaming about an elope in Italy, and It was always great to help them plan it. I cherish the memories of those moments like a treasure.

Elopement in Positano

A lovely American couple, M&S, eloped in a clifftop Hotel in Positano on the Amalfi coast.  We got in touch via email in February, and we planned their elopement in Italy for June of the same year.  As their wedding planner, I helped them to find the perfect venue for this magical moment, and Hotel Villa Franca in Positano was ticking all the boxes.

elope in Italy elope in Italy elope in Italy

The Hotel offers a stunning panoramic terrace overlooking the bay of Positano, which was perfect as the setting of the ceremony and also for the most romantic candlelight dinner for two.  Once the location was settled, we took care of the styling side. As a result, we created a colourful mood board of the day. Starting from the couple’s personality, we put together a tailored project focused on red, yellow, blue and candles.

elope in Italy elope in Italy elope in Italy elope in Italy

Before the ceremony, the couple enjoyed a photoshoot in the streets of Positano where they also experienced a fresh lemonade made with Sorrento lemons.

The ceremony is central for an elopement. For this reason, we created a ceremony text just for the couple, focusing the attention on the love story. I was also their celebrant for that day, and it was super emotional!  During the ceremony, romantic music was playing on the background. The mediterranean sea made the rest.

The icing on the cake was a fish gourmet dinner, prepared by the chef of  Li Galli Restaurant. 

elope in Italy

elope in Italy Elope in Italy

elope in Italy


Elope in Italy: make it unforgettable.

If you are planning to elope in Italy, make sure to make it unique.  We will design for you an authentic, personalized and stress-free elopement in Italy, that you will enjoy 100%.  As your wedding planners, we will take care of all the details of your experience. You can rely on us for scouting the best ceremony spot, accommodation, transportation, food & beverage, the styling of the day, photography and much more. We can make it memorable! What are you waiting for?



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